ButDesign?  You can take that any way you want!  But the main idea here is that people don’t understand what REALLY makes good home architectural design.  HINT…”God is in the Details!”.  I am constantly flabbergasted riding around cities & towns and seeing what people build on their homes!  The majority of details are atrocious!…(wealth is no guarantee of correctness here!).  Good Golly Almighty – What made them think that would look good??!!!  But truly – the general public never has gotten a chance to really learn correct details, have they now?!  Learn??!!  Sounds boring?  But not here!  Here you will learn while laughing and pick up some cool TIDBITS too.    You’ll be able to go to your next cocktail party and amaze folks with your new found knowledge.  But… you will have bragging rights!!

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