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But…Switch to Which? – this EASY primer helped me considerably on the Pros/ Cons and cost $$$ of the new light bulbs.  Hallelujah! you do NOT have to live with those icky light bulb colors any more!!!   AND, if you … Continue reading

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Food Shapes for Health!

But…..what do the shapes of food tell you?  Know your shape patterns!!  This is your clue to a healthier diet and God had this all planned out… that is DESIGN MAGIC!  This article was a viral email. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Where Did This Style Come From? Palladio!!

“In 2008 a multi-year celebration of the 500th anniversary of Andrea Palladio’s birth commenced. Although Palladio’s name is unfamiliar to most Americans, this 16th-century Italian has had an immeasurable impact on our county’s architectural image. His descriptions of the classical … Continue reading

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People had shutters on houses before they had window glass (c.1400s)!!!  Surely we would have learned how to properly hang a shutter by now!  (See 2 hideous photos and 2 good examples below!!)  But alas – NO! Things kind of … Continue reading

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