Architectural Q/A?

Here is your chance to ask an architect a question and my chance to see what is on your minds!  This is what the blog is all about!!  You can ask questions on design, process, services, etc.  Send a photo to illustrate what you are questioning, and get a post from me.  Scroll to the “Leave a Reply” box below and let’s get started!


3 Responses to Architectural Q/A?

  1. butdesign says:

    What is the best roof for the money?

    • butdesign says:

      Most likely it will be the asphalt shingle. These come in many styles, levels of durability, and costs. The 30 year warranty will be the most expensive, and the thickest!

      • butdesign says:

        Metal roofs are definitely more expensive than asphalt shingles (but) Asphalt shingles can be more or less than a metal roof, it just depends on the quality level of the asphalt shingle. Metal roofs also come in different quality levels and colors. Make sure you check out the cost of installation for metal versus asphalt shingles!! This might be the part that really changes the overall cost!!

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