Where Did This Style Come From? Palladio!!

Thank You Palladio! On the left is an American home style imitating Palladio's designs on the right-circa 1580's Italy!

“In 2008 a multi-year celebration of the 500th anniversary of Andrea Palladio’s birth commenced. Although Palladio’s name is unfamiliar to most Americans, this 16th-century Italian has had an immeasurable impact on our county’s architectural image. His descriptions of the classical orders have served as a textbook for generations of American architects. His designs for villas have influenced the appearance of countless American houses from the colonial period to the present. Thomas Jefferson, Palladio’s premier American champion, declared Palladio’s treatise I Quattro Libri to be the “Bible” for architecture. Jefferson provided the nation with precedent-setting models based on Palladian principles in Monticello, at the University of Virginia, and the Virginia State Capitol. Finally, Palladio’s restoration drawings of ancient Roman monuments became a primary source of inspiration for some of the most ambitious works of the “American Renaissance” of the late 19th and 20th centuries. Palladio continues to offer us lessons for a civil and timeless architecture.”

Written by Calder Loth, a Senior Architectural Historian of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, member of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art’s Advisory Council, and a curator of the exhibition, Palladio and His Legacy, a Transatlantic Journey. He lectures on Palladio’s impact on the American architectural image, tracing the hand of Palladio on two and a half centuries of American building.  Copied from an ICA&CA lecture series pamphlet.  http://www.classicist.org/ 

For a humorous look at Palladian Window BLOOPERS go to:  http://www.lindsaydaniel.com/library/dos-and-donts/palladianwindows.html

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