Collage Architecture

Here is what NOT to do with an architect!

Great Art - But - Architectural Mistake on this interior!

Look closer at this engaging room to see what I call “COLLAGE ARCHITECTURE”.  It might look nice if you squint your eyes up tight!!  But in real life it is a disaster! It doesn’t truly work, it is a collage of interior room “pieces”.

I can’t begin to tell you how many clients bring their architects a file full of magazine pages of desired details for their new house (or addition/renovation).      I want “this window, this door, floor, shelves, bathroom, kitchen…..”   These mag photo images keep on appearing through out the design process for months!  But doing that will get you…..a “near miss” collage!

But then, how do you approach the design process with an architect?

  1. Yes, do bring a few images.  But only a few!! You will NEVER find the exact image you need to fit the new design.
  2. We need to see Interior and Exterior elements you like in style, texture, color.  Even the HATES!
  3. Bring in your likes in Exterior materials (roof, siding, window style, terrace surfaces, etc) and Interior  (floors, walls, ceilings, doorways, door styles, kitchen/bath style, etc).
  4. Best Floor plans?  Maybe 3-4 max.
  5. A written Program …..which rooms, max square footage, a budget bracket (you have to have an idea of one that is safe to finance). Major NO-NO…DON’T come up with a budget late in the process!
  6. Now Stop!!   Do not keep bringing in images.  This creates too much “reworking” time on the design.  More time – More fees.
  7. The design has to be created as a “whole” idea.  Not as a collection of pieces cut out and glued together.
  8. Do bring your FEELINGS about how you want to feel in the spaces, light quality, privacy, functionality, efficiency, spirituality.  These are the true elements of beauty! Here is where you have to give of yourself through the process of collaboration. And here are the elements that will define your home.  Read about the Phases of Design at
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