People had shutters on houses before they had window glass (c.1400s)!!!  Surely we would have learned how to properly hang a shutter by now!  (See 2 hideous photos and 2 good examples below!!)  But alas – NO! Things kind of went haywire around the early 1900s on this architectural element. Seems now that people only think of shutters as a “color accent” on their homes and not the function a shutter should have.  Key word here….FUNCTION. A shutter should function – that means to operate and close within the framed window – same size!!  Or leave them off all together….(you can find another “color accent” area that makes more sense and is a lot less expensive!!!!).
TIDBIT:  The style of a shutter should match the style of the house.  Georgian on Georgian, Tudor on Tudor, Craftsman on Craftsman… get the picture? Contemporary houses don’t like Georgian shutters!
TIDBIT:  Shutters should only go on SINGLE windows!  Never on Double or Triple windows!
**More info on Shutters click  HERE.

DON'T - Double whammy on this house!! The curved shutters are hung backwards - if closed, they would not follow the shape or size of the windows at all. I am not surprised this house is for sale!

DON'T - Never use shutters on double or triple windows - only for singles, and never on only one side of the window, or right on the corner of the house - no matter what!

DO - These Italian windows show both open and closed shutter relationships to the windows – they allow true function. This is a perfect example of a leading principle of Green Architecture.....naturally controling direct sunlight and ventilation. Also notice how the embellished window surround designs also can include the use of shutters.

DO - The "King of Bling" even got it right! Elvis' home at Graceland displays shutters correctly hung over window casing.

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